Always Mobile Adds New Destination! Zambia prepaid eSIM data plans now available.

June 27, 2024 – Toronto, Canada - Always Mobile Introduces New Prepaid Data eSIM Plans for Travelers to Zambia

Always Mobile is excited to announce the launch of its new prepaid data eSIM plans specifically designed for travelers to Zambia. These innovative eSIM solutions provide cost-effective and flexible data options, ensuring seamless connectivity for all visitors. For more information, visit Always Mobile.

Zambia, a top destination for adventurers and nature enthusiasts, offers some of Africa’s most breathtaking tourist attractions. Visitors can explore the awe-inspiring Victoria Falls, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, or embark on a safari in South Luangwa National Park, renowned for its abundant wildlife and walking safaris. The Lower Zambezi National Park provides exceptional canoeing and fishing experiences, while Lake Kariba, one of the world’s largest man-made lakes, offers a tranquil setting for boat cruises and bird watching.

To enhance the travel experience, Always Mobile’s new prepaid data eSIM plans offer reliable and high-speed internet access across Zambia. These plans are available in three flexible options:

  1. 1GB for 7 Days – Perfect for short trips, allowing users to stay connected for a week with sufficient data for essential online activities.
  2. 3GB for 15 Days – Ideal for longer stays, offering ample data for navigation, social media, and staying in touch with loved ones.
  3. 5GB for 30 Days – Best for extended vacations or business trips, providing generous data for streaming, downloading, and extensive online usage.

All plans come with local network data speeds of up to 4G, ensuring that users can enjoy fast and reliable internet access wherever they are in Zambia. Zambia mobile data access is also included in Always Mobile’s regional Africa eSIM data plan and our Global eSIM data plans.

The eSIM technology eliminates the need for physical SIM cards, making it easier than ever to stay connected without visiting a store or incurring the expense of mobile roaming fees. Users can simply activate their eSIM via the Always Mobile website and start using their data instantly.

“With the launch of our new prepaid data eSIM plans, we aim to provide travelers to Zambia with affordable, high-speed internet connectivity,” said Mike Stanford, Founder and President at Always Mobile. “Our goal is to enhance the travel experience by ensuring that our customers can stay connected, access important information, and share their adventures without worrying about data limitations or excessive costs.”

For more information on Always Mobile’s new prepaid data eSIM plans for travelers to Zambia, please see our Zambia eSIM product details.

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