iPhone eSIM Installation Guide

It is best to install your eSIM before you travel to your destination.

Follow these easy Step-by-Step instructions to install your eSIM and configure your iPhone for eSIM use:

  1. Purchase an eSIM data plan from Always Mobile.
  2. Immediately after purchase you will receive two emails from Always Mobile: a Purchase Receipt and an Order Confirmation (subject: Your New eSIM)  containing a QR code
  3. To install the eSIM go to your devices Settings. Click Cellular and select Add eSIM.
  4. Scan the QR code to install your eSIM. Note: You may be asked to assign contacts and apps to the "Primary" line or the new eSIM line. It is best to answer these questions by selecting your "Primary" line option.
  5. Upon arrival at your destination, go to Settings. Click Cellular and turn your "Primary" line OFF and your "eSIM" line ON.
  6. Make sure that Data Roaming for the "eSIM" line is set to "ON".
  7. The initial connection of your eSIM to the local network may take a few minutes to complete. Illuminated connectivity indicator (the 4 bars icon on the very top right of your screen) will indicate that you are connected to the local network.